Strawberry Fields Forever

Three Sumptuous Offerings this Week:

  1. Strawberry fields:  It’s summer, and there’s tons of juicy, red, plump-from-the-sun berries out there just waiting to be picked.  After you read this post, get out there and eat some!
  2. Strawberry Fields:  There’s a living monument right in Central Park dedicated to John Lennon.  I’m in NYC this week for Thrillerfest, and, being the HUGE Beatles fan that I am, I plan to visit the monument.  Hope to see you there.  If you can’t make it this week, here’s the link for Strawberry Fields, so you can check it out next time.
  3. Visit my website, and check out the Short Stories page to enjoy a juicy story of some tart who always ends up “In A Jam”.  It’s an interesting study in inanimate POV–c’mon, who says it can’t be done 😉

Any strawberry recipes to share?  Any fellow Beatles fans out there?


One comment on “Strawberry Fields Forever

  1. Now I want strawberries! 😉 Better yet, while listening to the Beatles.

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