Shark Attack: Top Five List of Shark Entertainment

Paying homage to the Discovery Channel’s 25th Anniversary of Shark Week, I’m offering up my Top Five List of Shark Entertainment.

But first, here’s what’s NOT on the list:

  • A list of the most recent shark sightings off Cape Cod (What media outlet hasn’t jumped the shark on that one?)
  • The episode of Happy Days, where Fonzie jumps the shark
  • Jaws movie sequels (They don’t even come close to the original.)
  • Sharks in Venice (2008, with Stephen Baldwin)–unless you’d like to see what is arguably one of the worst plotted movies ever made
  • Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters (2009, Jane Austen, and Ben H. Winters) It doesn’t make the Top 5 because I have not read it, but I’ve been told that Mr. Dashwood gets eaten by a hammerhead shark, so read it at your own peril.  At the very least, click on the link for the sick book trailer.

Top Five List of Shark Entertainment

  1. Jaws (1975)–From the actors, to the director, to the author, to the theme song, to the great lines, to the blood in the water, it’s a true movie classic.
  2. Peter Benchley‘s novels:  Jaws (1974, on which the movie was based); Beast (1991); White Shark (1994, on which a solid TV movie named Creature starring Craig T. Nelson was based); and Creature (1997).  Benchley was an author and an ocean advocate; click on this link for more information.
  3. Deep Blue Sea (1999, with Saffron Burrows, Thomas Jane, Samuel L. Jackson, and LL Cool J)–great movie.
  4. Steve Alten‘s Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror (1997).  Listened to it as an audiobook; it would make a great movie.  Click on the link to check out a number of other related megalodon shark titles published by Alten.
  5. Shark Spotting:  When you’re done reading this post, and Discovery’s marathon of true shark tales has ended, you may be tempted to go shark spotting on your own.  Aside from getting up close and personal with sharks off the coasts of Australia and Cape Cod, consider spotting these awesome creatures from behind a pane of thick glass.  Check out the gigantic tank at the New England Aquarium in Boston, MA, plus here’s a link to some of the Best Aquariums for Shark Watching in the world, including ones in Las Vegas, California, Japan, and possibly one near you.

That’s just a small bite of the many shark-infested movies and novels that are out there.  I’d love to learn and share more.  What’s your favorite movie or novel about sharks that you just can’t shake off your tail?


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