Review: Dinner at Deadman’s, by C.J. West

Dinner at Deadman's

Established author, C.J. West, has released something completely different from anything he’s written thus far, a novel entitled, Dinner at Deadman’s.

Dinner at Deadman’s

Book Details
Genre: Mystery
Published by: 22 West Books
Publication Date: November 2012
Number of Pages: 298
Purchase Links:  

Synopsis:  Junk man Lorado Martin discovers that one of his clients has been murdered and believes her estate is headed to a homicidal grandson.

My Review:  A traditional who-dun-it mystery, Dinner at Deadman’s revolves around a burly, family-man junk dealer with an affinity for aiding recovering addicts.  Lorado Martin is an atypical, intriguing character with whom anyone would want to sit back and have a beer and some laughs before jumping into his car to take down the local riff-raff that’s messing with his family or his junk.

The other characters are also well-thought out, but it’s mostly his wife, Roxie, and his brother, Chris, who always have Lorado’s back, that kept me wanting to come back for more.

Great local flavor seeps from the pages of the story.  I felt like I was traipsing the neighborhoods of the Massachusetts South Shore tracking murder suspects right there with Lorado; it left me wondering if the underbelly of society might be closer to home than I once thought.

I must admit that I guessed the identity of the murderer early on, but the perfectly paced suspense, the hearty helpings of humor, and the affability of the main character kept me reading until the end.  The journey was worth it.

I’d recommend this novel to anyone looking to sink their teeth into a juicy mystery with an unusual, yet solid premise, based around an unlikely hero that one just can’t help rooting for.

My Rating:  It’s worth a hill of beans, 4 out of 5 FAVA beans to be exact.



C.J. West is the author of seven suspense novels including The End of Marking Time and Sin and Vengeance, which was optioned into development for film by Beantown Productions, LLC (screenplay by Marla Cukor).

C.J. blogs at You can also find him at or at


DISCLAIMER: I received a copy of this book, at no charge to me, in exchange for my honest review. No items that I receive are ever sold…they are kept by me, or given to family and/or friends. I do not have any affiliation with or
Barnes & Noble.  I am providing link(s) solely for visitors that may be interested in purchasing this Book/EBook.

5 comments on “Review: Dinner at Deadman’s, by C.J. West

  1. cherylmash says:

    Wonderful review and post. Great job. Thank you!

  2. […] Review: Dinner at Deadman’s, by C.J. West « GINA FAVA’S BLOG. […]

  3. cjwestkills says:

    Thanks for hosting me Gina! I’m glad you enjoyed traipsing around with me and Lorado!

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