All Quiet on the Eastern Front: Farewell to FM96.9 WTKK Boston Talks

It’s the end of an era at FM96.9 WTKK.  Boston’s talk radio is officially dead.

Thanks for the memories:

  • Jay Severin [former WTKK headliner; currently on The Blaze Radio, @Jay_Severin]:  Guru Jay, thank you for teaching me politics, and for showing me how it affects my family’s life.  96.9 is where you first made me care.  Proud to be among your current “best and brightest” at The Blaze.  Excelsior!  
  • Michael Graham [former WTKK headliner; currently writing for The Boston Herald, @IAMMGraham]:  Michael, thank you for dispensing The Natural Truth on a consistent basis, and for your entertaining perspective on all things, except your views on Buffalo, NY, for which we part ways.  I raise a glass of Bushmills to you–cheers!  Looking forward to your next endeavor.

I’ll miss the hourly news updates, the market reports, the weather forecasts, the light-hearted banter, and the tough, political insights offered up by this FM talk radio in Boston for the past 13 years.  The contact number has been deleted from my speed dial, the station has been removed from my playlist, and, today, as I work and play, all is quiet in Boston.  RIP.


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