Recap of the Murder Mystery Show

As a follow-up to my previous post about the Murder Mystery Show, SO MUCH FUN was had by all:  the actors, the stage hands, the audience, the wine drinkers, and the readers…

Pre-Launch of THE RACE

Did I mention readers?  Oh yes, Zorvino Vineyards in Sandown, NH was packed to the gills with mystery lovers last month who spent the evening trying to figure out who dunnit, after kindly purchasing a mystery novel from one of the in-character authors.

Thank you to the owners of Zorvino Vineyards (beautiful venue!), to the script writer and my author friend, CJ West, who included me as a saucy, sassy, British reporter capable of murder, along with a whole slew of lovely people who took the stage for a great romp, including another fellow author, Steve Ulfelder.

To all the readers who picked up pre-launch copies of my forthcoming novel, THE RACE, I must tell you mahvelous dahlings, you are all wonderful!


Gearing up before the event…

The Cast...before

Letting loose after the show…

The Cast...after


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