Never Forget 9/11

Never forget the victims of September 11, 2001.  The list is painfully long.  Especially for the multitude of family members who must endure a life without them.  We remember them, too.

World Trade Center.  Pentagon.  Flight 11.  Flight 175.  Flight 77.  Flight 93.

Never forget. 

Where were you on the day the planes hit?  Today, how do you commemorate that day’s tragic events?

For me, I reflect on the unity that our nation felt during the days and weeks following America’s great tragedy.

This past summer, on a trip to Manhattan, I visited the 9/11 Memorial at what’s come to be known as Ground Zero.  I respectfully suggest that every American make the trip at a time in their life that he or she deems appropriate.  I’ve never felt so rocked by the sheer weight of loss as when I first touched some of the inscribed names of the innocents who perished.

However, Ground Zero has also become for me a place of remembrance, and rebirth.  The insurmountable pride that I felt at how far we’ve come in rebuilding is beyond compare.  Go see for yourself.  It’s indescribable.  It’s not about the new, immense structures.  It’s about the fortitude of an America that came together to build them.

Never forget.  Plan a visit to any or all of the 9/11 Memorials.  Click on the following links to learn how:

The Survivor Tree

Learn more about Families of September 11, an organization that fosters health, safety, security and support to those affected by terrorism and public trauma.  Click Families of September 11 to make a donation or to become a member.

Never forget.


Thrillerfest 2012…in the Books

Thrillerfest 2012 was a success!  ITW organized quite a conference:

  • Panels from established authors offering keen insights and helpful advice,

    Joseph Finder and USMC Capt Jack Hoban,
    Orchestrating “Ethical Warrior” fight scenes

  • A variety of prestigious agents to pitch at Agentfest, and
  • Plenty of opportunities in which to connect with writers and readers alike (book signings, cocktail parties, and a thrilling awards banquet.)

2011 Thrillermaster R.L. Stein and me

Thank you ITW board members, organizers, authors, and agents for all the fun and education.  Congratulations to all the winners of 2012’s Thriller Awards.  Check out ITW’s website for information on the conference and PW’s website for a list of the winners.

New York City was a blast!

  • My interview and “ride along” with one of NYPD’s finest, Officer Sheryl Puletz, and her “partner” Eddie was unforgettable.  My hat’s off to all those who serve and protect everyday.

    NYPD Officer Puletz, and Eddie

  • My visit to the 9/11 Memorial was heartfelt, but my country pride swelled at the sight of just how much we’ve rebuilt.

    World Trade Center

  • No visit to the city is complete for this writer without paying homage to the NY Public Library.
  • Of course, after a full day of Thrillerfest, nothing beats chomping down Five Guys fries while copping a squat in Bryant Park.

    NY Pubic Library

It’s great to be home, but I’m already looking forward to next year’s conference!  Hope to see you there.

Drop me a line…I’d love to hear your Thrillerfest stories, too!