Smash: Pope Benedict’s Ring Will Be Destroyed

Well, I knew the press would reveal this bit of Papal trivia sooner or later, but a day after my blog post?  Yesterday, I asked:  What Will Happen to the Pope’s Ring Once He Resigns?


Today, media everywhere has provided the answer:  

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The Camerlengo, or the Chamberlain who presides over conclave operations,

will smash Pope Benedict’s papal signet, the Fisherman’s Ring, with a special papal silver hammer.

It’s the same special papal silver hammer that they use to ceremoniously tap the deceased pope’s head three times before conclave meets.  Bonus:  Pope Benedict will not have to endure this particular rite before he becomes Pope Emeritus.


By the way, as soon as the Pope resigns, the Swiss Guard is officially relieved of duty until the next Pope steps in.

A little Alpine skiing, anyone?

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