Welcoming Connection

Writers seek to relate to readers with every piece of writing that we create.  We also associate with other writers for camaraderie, information, and empathy.  We crave connection, the essence of community.

Today, I invite you to connect with me.

Welcome, officially.

The purpose of this blog is all about skeletal recomposition:  I add flesh to bare bone.  That is, as a thriller  writer, I regularly post information and then categorize it according to some of the typical elements of a thriller novel.  Let me flesh out the categories for you:

  • HEART (Characters):  Brings the Story to Life
  • SPINE (Plot/Scenes/Structure):  What Holds the Story Together and Moves It Along
  • SKULL (Style/Voice/Theme):  Getting Inside the Reader’s Head
  • FEMURS (Setting/Description):  Legs to Stand On
  • BLOOD (Spattered Information):  Miscellaneous Posts
  • SKELETAL REMAINS…OF THE DAY:  Book and Movie Reviews


A little bit about Gina Fava, and why I leap at every connection:

Born 20 minutes from the Peace Bridge that connects Canada with Buffalo, NY, and residing somewhere between the Boston Zakim and the Cape Cod Sagamore, I attribute my writing philosophy to taking the plunge at every opportunity.

At 9, I stood with my dad on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy.  He pointed to a rainbow and told me to “dream farther than the end of it”. I took the leap and filled three journals about it.  I’ve never stopped writing, or dreaming.

Later, the young man who’d rescued me from a bomb threat to our university in Rome asked me to marry him under the Bridge of Sighs after braving Venice’s Grand Canal, inspiring my suspense-driven novels and short stories, and many thrilling years of marriage.

My bios at Twitter (@ginafava) and Facebook both read:  Gina Fava, Writer of cliffhangers.  Bridge jumper.  Now you know why. I hope you’ll connect with me there, too.



Connecting with Readers

I’ve recently embarked on a journey toward the publication of my two novels.

The first is a thriller, entitled THE RACE, about car-racing covert agent Devlin Luccesi, who must save Rome from annihilation and rescue his young son from an elusive international criminal and his race of followers.


The second novel, entitled THE SCULPTOR, is a suspense novel in which Mara Silvestri is the only woman who can stop the Sculptor from murdering Rome’s female grad students, and the one woman he truly covets for his collection.

Please take a few minutes to explore my website at www.GinaFava.com.  I hope you’ll find something that grabs you, perhaps a novel synopsis, or one of the many photos that inspired my novels, maybe a short story, or a link to another great resource that resonates with you.


Connecting with Writers

Please take note of my blogroll.  Each one represents a part of my community, and they all truly mean a lot to me, personally and professionally.

A) Initiation Blogs

These blogs initiated me into the industry.  I still turn to them when I need succinct, sometimes brutal, always honest, never shy advice about writing and publishing.

B)  Life Support

I’ve come to rely on these blogs for great lessons in craft, or just plain old positive energy.

C)  Colleagues-in-Arms

The people who write these blogs are those authors who’ve gone above and beyond the call.  They’ve been there to kick me into gear or pat me on the back, with a post, a message, a tweet, a coffee, or a phone call, when I truly needed it.

To all of the writers listed above, I am truly grateful.  Also, not a day goes by that I’m not pleasantly surprised by a newly discovered blog, one that tickles my phalanges or inspires murderous thoughts (in a good way, I’m a thriller writer!), so be sure to check back for new ones that might pop up on my blogroll in the future.  It might just be yours.


Coming Soon

Getting back to skeletal recomposition, consider these juicy bones to chew on in future posts:

  • Chernobyl, 25 years later
  • F1 Racing in America, professional and amateur tracks
  • Household weaponry
  • Using international slang to spice up dialogue
  • Fava bean recipes
  • Italian museums, churches, and artwork that are often overlooked
  • Reviews of great thrillers, that just might be yours
  • And many more…


Thank you for reading this blog.  I invite you to link up with me, and the rest of the writing community, at our usual haunts.  We’d love to connect with you.  Do you have a favorite blog you’d like to recommend?


A Thriller Audiobook That Hits You Like Bleach

It’s audiobook month, and I must recommend Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants.  I implore you, vigilant reader, do not read the written word this time, but rather listen to the thriller master’s symphony of words via audiobook.

The first novel in Follett’s ‘Century’ trilogy, Fall of Giants, which debuted at #1 on The New York Times’ hardcover fiction bestseller list in 2010, follows the destinies of five interrelated families – one American, one Russian, one German, one English and one Welsh – through the First World War and the Russian Revolution.  Intense, fast-paced, rich in detail, mood, and setting, the novel traps you inside the web that these families intricately weave.

The lilt and cadence of every dialect and accent will transport you, whether to Wales, or to Buffalo, NY, or to the battlefields of Russia, or onward. This historical thriller audiobook hits you like bleach!  (After falling in love with the sing-song Welsh dialect, I couldn’t help but seek out some Welsh slang:  “hits you like bleach” means “stimulates your senses.”)

Hurry, because the second installment in the trilogy is due out in September.  Entitled, Winter of the World , the second book thrusts Follett’s five original families and their offspring into the intense drama of the Third Reich, the Spanish Civil War, World War II, and the beginning of the Cold War. Again, stick with the audiobook.

A best-selling author and a true master of suspense, Ken Follett, has been cranking out mega lush thrillers for decades, like Eye of the Needle, Code to Zero, and The Pillars of the Earth (also a TV mini-series), among many others.  Check out his website for a list of books, as well as excerpts and video clips.  Ken Follett аффтар жжот. (Russian for “the author rules!”)

Why not check out Follett’s “Masterclass” for lessons on outlining, researching, and writing your own novel, as well as tips for publishing it.  If you’ve always had an idea for your own thriller, it couldn’t hurt to be schooled by a master.

Any suggestions for favorite audiobooks?  Was it the author’s words or the performance that made it so great?  I’d love to hear what you think!